Scary Stories

Category: Uncategorized April 8th, 2018

Last year I was asked whether I would provide an illustration for a children’s short story competition organised by the charity screenyourstory. The theme then was horror and the story I had to work on was ‘The voice in your head by Rachael Rajah. It’s an impressively disturbing piece for a young author and I enjoyed working out how I wanted to represent the story and the style to use. The best stories get to be made into movie shorts which must be a thrill for the young writers and an event is held during the summer where the movies are screened and winners awarded.

I felt I wanted to somehow capture the modern trend of quite bold and minimalist design used by artists for movie posters and that drove how I approached the piece. The use of a striking font is always key if not the most important part to creating the right mood- I hope I got it right for this.

They were pleased with what I came up with and used it and have asked me to contribute again this year for another story or two. This year the theme is ‘Homecoming’…

Check out their website for more info- the judges who read the work are drawn from authors, artists and celebrities:

The Voice in Your Head

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The incomparable Chris Ware

Category: Info June 22nd, 2016

Thought I’d write a few lines about this American, Chicago- based cartoonist who blows my mind with his style and melancholy subject matter (undercut with a hilarious, bitter and dark humour)… the incomparable Chris Ware. Of my generation, Chris is regarded by many in the field as one of the best currently producing work and I wholeheartedly agree. His meticulous style and individual way of laying out panels that branch with many different stories and images harps back to the early 20th century comics and design, revealing the influences of  Winsor McCay and Frank King. If you haven’t seen or read his work get your hands on his beautifully printed books and enjoy!

ware-building-stories         Superman falls, by Chris Ware

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Liberté, Équalité, Fraternité

Category: Events January 8th, 2015

The events in Paris are a stark reminder how far we still need to go to resolve the frankly medieval Muslim intolerance towards free expression (sometimes satirical) of religion, politics, ideology and any other human endeavour , as let’s face it, they’re all just human constructs in the first place. To condemn a cartoonist of playing God by depicting the prophet, then taking that cartoonist’s life as if they are God themselves is an appalling act of hypocrisy. . .

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WallGecko Art

Category: Events October 15th, 2014

I’ve been off the radar for a bit, but that’s because I’ve been working on all kinds of stuff, particularly a lot of unique artwork for the new online wall decal company! A swanky site with premium art and photos for your interiors- here’s the link:
From kids safari animals (which I’ve talked about in a previous blog) to aspirational quotes and landscapes scenes, the work has been varied and almost entirely done digitally using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop Elements 11 and the incredible software which is Corel Painter 2015.
I’ve been able to produce more painterly work with the latter, especially on the theme of sensual women, which you can see below. . .
Back pose nude
Seated woman 2

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Freedom Mallows New Packaging

Category: Events July 7th, 2014

This is an illustration I worked on several months back as part of a re branding for Manchester based confectionery company Freedom Mallows: which has been used for their micro mallows range (see related link from their news page

Nice to see it being used at last… the mallows are very tasty and well worth a try, Holland & Barrett now stock them!

906305_589608131158017_2128545913682027107_o  10488281_589608374491326_2807790581892038657_n

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New Work. . .

Category: Info, Touching Base June 9th, 2014

I’ve updated my latest work on the homepage (it’s also in the Private Commission gallery as both black and white and colour versions) to show my most recent commission- a fascinating private piece, full of symbolism for the client and pretty demanding on my abilities as a cartoonist!
The end result I’m chuffed to say, after lots of tweaks, is a piece I’m very proud of and which my client is delighted with so I’m grateful for the opportunity to have brought to comic visceral life this unique vision. . .
If you’re interested in seeing some of the initial colour mock ups of comic character developments then check my Facebook page at the link below:

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I’ve been busy!

Category: Touching Base May 5th, 2014

Just getting a line or two down to keep all of you out in the ether informed of what work I’ve been doing. . .
You’ll see on the homepage my latest private commissions for a wedding- great idea, though sometimes challenging but ultimately very enjoyable to do! I love the idea that people have these unique pieces of comic art to keep, enjoy and ponder over at their leisure. . .
On top of that I’ve been working with a truly sound chap called Joe, who’s based in Dublin, on very vibrant digital illustrations of safari animals to be made into wall decals. I’m really fired up about this project and the business, so many ideas to develop it’s difficult to choose which one to focus on first! I’ve included a cheeky taster with this blog (sorry Joe!) to give you a flavour of what I mean.
On top of that I’ve also got a dark, brooding, moody comic piece that I’ll start working on this week- I’ll post more about that at a later date.
Oh… and I have these ideas for t-shirt designs based on photography, another developing passion of mine which sometimes takes over from the comic creativity. . .
Who knows, maybe one day I could earn from both?!
Rhino      Croc

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New wedding gift commission

Category: Touching Base March 25th, 2014

Hi all,

I’m currently working on a group of unique wedding gift illustrations in the form of comic panels which is proving both challenging and novel to do!
On A3 Bristol board, I’m using Posca pens rather than the usual brush and ink which is quite a refreshing change. . .I intend to colour with gouache as usual, but with a much thinner wash rather than the more opaque method I use. It should give them that lighter touch, especially as three of the four works are for bridesmaids.
These lovely wedding gifts will be framed by the client to give on the day…they’ll be touched.
Look out for the completed works soon!

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Jazz Scenes

Category: Touching Base February 4th, 2014

Hi all (whoever that may be…)

I’ve been meaning to start on this for some time, but a Jazz inspired series in pastels has finally taken off with four works so far!

This idea began with a movie scene from Spike Lee’s ‘Mo Better Blues’ from 1990- Jeez that makes me feel old!

That picture is in my Just for Fun gallery as will be the new pieces though I’ll probably create a separate gallery for more ‘artistic’ works eventually…

These new works are more sketch-like in their style which is how I wanted to approach it to capture the often free form nature of the music. That said, I will possibly attempt a more elaborate piece at some point when I muster up the will!

Dizzy GillespieKenny BurrellJazz Ensemble1Roberto Fonseca

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Yule Tidings y’all!

Category: Touching Base December 30th, 2013

Yule Tidings y’all! In the spirit of Christmas I designed some cartoons for cards to send out to everyone. . . Now the big day is over here they are ( I’ve included them in the ‘Just for Fun’ gallery too)

Santa NativityTurkey job doneTwo Front Legs

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