The incomparable Chris Ware

Category: Info June 22nd, 2016

Thought I’d write a few lines about this American, Chicago- based cartoonist who blows my mind with his style and melancholy subject matter (undercut with a hilarious, bitter and dark humour)… the incomparable Chris Ware. Of my generation, Chris is regarded by many in the field as one of the best currently producing work and I wholeheartedly agree. His meticulous style and individual way of laying out panels that branch with many different stories and images harps back to the early 20th century comics and design, revealing the influences of  Winsor McCay and Frank King. If you haven’t seen or read his work get your hands on his beautifully printed books and enjoy!

ware-building-stories         Superman falls, by Chris Ware

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New Work. . .

Category: Info, Touching Base June 9th, 2014

I’ve updated my latest work on the homepage (it’s also in the Private Commission gallery as both black and white and colour versions) to show my most recent commission- a fascinating private piece, full of symbolism for the client and pretty demanding on my abilities as a cartoonist!
The end result I’m chuffed to say, after lots of tweaks, is a piece I’m very proud of and which my client is delighted with so I’m grateful for the opportunity to have brought to comic visceral life this unique vision. . .
If you’re interested in seeing some of the initial colour mock ups of comic character developments then check my Facebook page at the link below:

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The Tribulations of Fantagraphics

Category: Info November 19th, 2013

I was startled to read of the financial difficulties the iconic, cult comic book publisher Fantagraphics has been facing since the death of one of its key editors Kim Thompson this year. They have turned to crowd-funding website Kickstarter to raise the funds to be able to print their 2014 Spring catalogue with successful results thankfully! Considering they work with and publish some of the best contemporary comic artists out there it saddens me to think that they faced collapse- if you’re a fan of Clowes, Sacco, Woodring, Bagg, Crumb among many others then pledge your support!
I’ve included both a link to a Guardian article about what is happening and the Kickstarter link where you can pledge support and get some very cool signed comics and artwork- I pledged for a signed Jim comic myself!


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