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Category: Touching Base Posted: February 4th, 2014

Hi all (whoever that may be…)

I’ve been meaning to start on this for some time, but a Jazz inspired series in pastels has finally taken off with four works so far!

This idea began with a movie scene from Spike Lee’s ‘Mo Better Blues’ from 1990- Jeez that makes me feel old!

That picture is in my Just for Fun gallery as will be the new pieces though I’ll probably create a separate gallery for more ‘artistic’ works eventually…

These new works are more sketch-like in their style which is how I wanted to approach it to capture the often free form nature of the music. That said, I will possibly attempt a more elaborate piece at some point when I muster up the will!

Dizzy GillespieKenny BurrellJazz Ensemble1Roberto Fonseca

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