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Category: Uncategorized Posted: April 8th, 2018

Last year I was asked whether I would provide an illustration for a children’s short story competition organised by the charity screenyourstory. The theme then was horror and the story I had to work on was ‘The voice in your head by Rachael Rajah. It’s an impressively disturbing piece for a young author and I enjoyed working out how I wanted to represent the story and the style to use. The best stories get to be made into movie shorts which must be a thrill for the young writers and an event is held during the summer where the movies are screened and winners awarded.

I felt I wanted to somehow capture the modern trend of quite bold and minimalist design used by artists for movie posters and that drove how I approached the piece. The use of a striking font is always key if not the most important part to creating the right mood- I hope I got it right for this.

They were pleased with what I came up with and used it and have asked me to contribute again this year for another story or two. This year the theme is ‘Homecoming’…

Check out their website for more info- the judges who read the work are drawn from authors, artists and celebrities:

The Voice in Your Head

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