Services I offer

I offer a range of cartooning & illustrative services, as listed below, to meet either personal or commercial requirements. As I’m a one man operation time frames are dependent on current projects, though I’ll always strive to accommodate around your dates where possible. With a cartoon group portrait for example, it would usually take 2 – 5 weeks dependent on complexity and speed of response for photos, feedback etc. from the client. See the ‘ How it Works’ drop down on this page for an example of the process…

How it works (click to expand)

I aim to make the process as simple as possible whilst keeping you up to date by email with every stage so that you are engaged throughout with how the vision for your unique artwork is developing.

Here’s an example of how my cartoon group portraits are completed:


This is the details stage for both of us, the more info I have the better I can realise your cartooning idea! After initial contact we would arrange a time to discuss by phone or over email in more detail who the artwork is for, for what occasion (wedding, birthday, memento etc. ) and how many people will be in it. Depending on what you want I would submit a quote and email it you. Once agreed I would then ask the client to send over as many clear photos as possible ( ideally a head shot and a full body shot ) of each person, pet etc.- Facebook is usually perfect for sourcing these! When they are sent, if I feel I may need more of a person then I’ll contact you. A brief description of each character, what they are wearing and doing would also be sent and if possible a simple stick figure sketch of where you want them is helpful, if not a brief description of layout. From all this we move on to…


I’ll work up rough pencil sketches of each ‘character’ to be included and email these over to you. If you need changes to their look, here is where you let me know. Once you’re happy it’s on to…


I’ll complete a full pencil layout of the artwork with the characters in and background and email this over to you ( sometimes it may be a half layout to give you a gist of how it’ll look- the group portraits are all A3 and so quite a bit of detail can be in there ). Again, any final amendments from you before it’s inked are noted, redone and the altered work emailed. When you’re happy it’s on to…


The picture is fully inked ( brush and india ink ) and emailed to you ( changes can still sometimes be made here as long as they are minor!).


I then fully paint picture ( gouache is great for that vibrant, cartoony colour ) and re ink the main characters for the completed work. I email you so you can see it complete. Following payment of invoice (by PayPal or bank transfer), it just remains for me to send your artwork which leads us to…


I post the original to you special delivery ( rolled in tissue and in a poster box ) or I can arrange to have it framed here and sent to you. Both postage and framing would be agreed and included in the initial quote.

Hurrah! You are now the proud owner of a bespoke piece of unique, fun artwork to share and amuse all you show it to!


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